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CreativeStartsHere is a home for quick-witted and imaginative professionals like you who love to create, but need to shortcut the time they spend looking for resources. Every second counts when you’re up against the clock – and yet you’re still expected to produce amazing work.

CreativeStartsHere offers a content solution to help you get things done.

The idea for this website came during a flight home from a conference hosted by my then-employer. I ran the communications and marketing department, so the weeks leading up to an annual meeting put my team’s regular breakneck pace on steroids. I was exhausted, creatively and physically. Before my flight home took off, I found some reading material at an airport bookstore: The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future, by Chris Gillebeau.

Gillebeau’s book raised two questions that set off sparks for me: What will relieve someone else’s creative work pain? How can I round up the elements I seek when I’m developing material and share that work with the world? (Or in my case, to a small part of the world – people who do similar work to mine.)

You’re likely someone who’s often searching for the resources you need to write compelling speeches, scripts and articles; add design; find the right photos and videos; bring genius to presentations and be a creative mastermind. Enjoy the growing collection of sites on CreativeStartsHere.com – we had you in mind when we made it.

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Anita Brienza

Anita Brienza

Anita has been a communications and marketing professional for her entire career. She’s also a communications consultant and coach, accomplished business and creative writer, creative project manager, lively blogger (abitofbrie.blogspot.com/), humorist, singer, speaker and entrepreneur (obviously!).

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