Extend Your Workforce

Fifty percent of companies say their need for contingent workers will keep growing over the next three to five years, notes Deloitte University Press, which also found that this “on-demand workforce” offers companies the ability to tap into extensive networks of innovators, technical experts, and seasoned professionals.

Today’s workforce relies on strong internal and external professionals and skillsets. By creating an extended team that includes specialists with project-specific skills, companies can leverage marketplace opportunities more quickly and effectively. Our consulting option can help you optimize your communication and marketing teams’ great work.

Our communications consulting services can be accessed to support the development of communications and marketing campaigns, unique communications strategies, high-end writing projects, and communications coaching, and we can even connect you with some remarkable graphic designers! We’re entrepreneurial with traditional business backgrounds; familiar with internal business needs and processes and able to bring a fresh voice to your discussions.

If you’d like to explore how we can extend your communications team, for a one-time project or a longer relationship, visit our Contact Us page to start the conversation.