Frequently Asked Questions

What is CreativeStartsHere?
We’re a hangout for people like you, writers/speechwriters/speakers, developers of presentations, event coordinators, marketers and others who cover a lot of creative ground in their work, who are always looking for some cool stuff to work more expressively and efficiently. We’re pulling together (curating) resources, tools and materials to help you do that – and sharing some fun things you might not have seen, too!

What are the fees to join?
If you’ve ever been up in the middle of the night finishing a project, trying to find the right resources while the clock keeps ticking down to your deadline, you know you’d give up your whole piggy bank to cut three hours of research down to 30 minutes! But we’re not after that piggy bank. Our goal is to shortcut your research, organize the things you want to know about, and keep delighting you with new possibilities. We’ve kept our fees low, because we want you to use this service and feel like you’re getting great value for the price: visit our Join page to select your choice of only $125/year, $65 for six months or $12/monthly.

Does my subscription fee give me access to every site that’s listed?
This is where the concept of “curation” comes in – our service is that we’re gathering resources in one location you might need and want to know about, and giving you the option of saving  them as your Favorites (each listing has this option – just click on it to save in your personal Favorites profile for future use and easy access). We frequently refresh and add to our resources – we do the legwork, so you don’t have to. Most of the resources we’re bringing to you are free, but some, like photo services, naturally will have their own subscription fees. We have clearly identified whether a service requires a pay-as-you-go or subscription fee.

Why use CreativeStartsHere?  What about doing my own research and just bookmarking what I need?
Lots of people do that – that’s how we started out, too! But this is more than bookmarking: our subscribers like having easy-to-use sections, the ability to save their Favorites, and knowing that more resources are always being identified and added to the CSH site. We use a tile format for easy viewing, and most resources have the company logo or home page graphic represented for quick review and selection.

Can I suggest other resources to add?
Yes! Please! We want this to be a great place for you to get what you need. All suggestions are welcome and will be considered. Just send us your thoughts on the Contact Us page, and we’ll respond.